Proprietary heat sink design with ventilated end guards insures a robust fresh air plenum


Thermal convection is considered a "liquid" process. It is essentially the exchanging of heat-energy in the heat sink with the cooler ambient air. This natural occurrence is optimized by maximizing the surface area of the heat sink and facilitating air movement (plenum design).

The development of the Cireon heat sink was a painstaking process that consumed more than sixteen months.

The result is a proprietary design and manufacturing process that renders an extrusion with more than twice the surface area per LED of the leading competitors. In fact, running at 700mA, Cireon renders an in situ of 101.7oC, lower than a leading competitors in situ temperature at 305mA (44% of Cireon drive current). Ultimately, this means greater heat exchange and the ability to run LEDs at higher drive currents to provide the lowest cost per delivered lumen in the industry while maintaining longer life.