Improved distribution, uniformity, and CRI
half the power consumption, more light, better coverage, better color rendering

Cireon low bays are efficient, high quality solutions for parking garages, warehouses, service stations, and anywhere a wide, uniform distributuion is needed. 

Each LED in a Cireon low bay is provided 13.5 square inches of convection surface area.  With the most extensively developed heat sink in the industry, and a generous 25x25mm footprint, the thermal efficiency achieved will provide a long luminaire life with high lumen maintenance.

We've also developed our own line of proprietary optics, specifically to suit the unique output signature of the Philips Luxeon LED.  With eight optic choices, from narrow to wide, and round to square to rectangular outputs, coverage with uniformity is delivered (without having to relocate or design your layout to suit). 

The Philips Advance power supplies are thermally protected, and provide superior power factor correction with minimal harmonic distortion.  All are 0-10V dimmable, for compatibility with dimmers, photocells, and occupancy sensors.

  • Increased light levels
  • Improved coverage and uniformity
  • 25-35% of HID, 40-50% of fluorescent wattages
  • No bulbs or ballasts to change
  • No Hazmat disposals or EPA compliance requirements
  • No filaments, shock and vibration resistant