What We Do: 
Cireon is dedicated to providing world class products that replace existing lighting products with minimal energy consumption.   .

Environmental Vision and Mission:
With products that minimize electrical consumption, we will significantly decrease the emission of greenhouse gases and mercury that are a byproduct of power generation.  We will eliminate the mercury and lead found in all traditional lighting products and insure that the products we replace are disposed of properly.  We will utilize the directional nature of our technology to minimize light pollution.  We will continually strive to set the environmental awareness standard for manufacturing entities through energy efficiency, minimizing our use of disposable products, reusing and recycling, and by favoring procurement of materials, supplies, and products that are environmentally friendly. .

Principles and Values:
  • We will continuously build our reputation through honest and fair business practices. 
  • We will steer our customers toward the least expensive product that satisfies their need to minimize electrical consumption and carbon footprints even when it means reducing the total sale. 
  • We will hire high quality personnel, compensate them well, and expect every penny’s worth. 
  • We will never attempt to further our profits by entering into questionable practices.
  • We will always strive to provide the highest performing products in their class even if it means we are not the lowest price provider.
  • We will make promises carefully and stand behind every commitment.
 Key Sustainability Principles:
  • We will continually pursue technologies that reduce the electrical consumption of our products to inherently grow our company while furthering global energy efficiency and conservation.
  • In every procurement effort, we will seek environmentally friendly materials, supplies, products, and services.  We will favor environmentally friendly materials, supplies, products, and services with a 10% cost of ownership allowance over traditional purchases with the hope this will inspire our customers to look favorably upon us. 
  • We will educate our customers as to how they can easily be more environmentally conscious.
  • We will help green companies within our supply base to market their products with the hope that they will reciprocate, and encourage our supply base toward environmental awareness.
  • We will earn recognition in our community by supporting clean up and enhancement efforts in order to further our reputation as an environmentally conscious company.
  • We will reuse, reduce, recycle, and repurpose throughout our organization to reduce our costs while enhancing our reputation and furthering the green movement.
Key Sustainability Objectives:
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of our products by no less than 20% per year.
  • Minimize our carbon footprint by 10% per year relative to our growth in gross revenues.
  • Increase community, supplier, and customer environmental consciousness by 25% per year.
  • Earn market and community recognition for our work toward a better environment.