How much light do you want? Do you want uniformity or contrast? What light color do you want?  Inherently flexible, Cireons modular design enables you to configure luminaires specifically suited to your space.  Download the Luminaire Selector (below) or let us develop a photometric model of your facility so you can see every dollar you save going straight to your bottom line (and not to the utility company).


Luminaire Selector (Click Here)

Eight proprietary optics let you decide how you want to distribute light.  A uniform distribution?  Some contrast to highlight certain features or products?  Cireon optics offer round, square, and rectangular outputs to enhance your existing layout or provide unmatched design flexibility for new installations.

How much light do you want?  With twelve output levels, get exactly the level of light you want while greatly reducing your energy consumption.

Light Color   

The greatest perceived light for the least cost?  Maybe more polychromatic to make your colors pop?  With standard and optional light colors, we can help you create the environment you want.