How Light Color Affects Us

standard light colors, custom colors available

Light plays a vital role in human behavior.  How we feel and ultimately act in different light colors is not something you'll see expressed in a unit of measurement, but it is nonetheless known.  Less known is specifically how the various ranges of white light colors affect people.  Ultimately, the choice comes down to the environment you want to create with the effective use of the light consumed.

The Sahara Line (Warm White)
A warm white light, 3100K, similar in color to the traditional incandescent bulb.  It's the color of the low sun, waking or ending the day, a time to relax.  It's more monochromatic, and colors contrast less.  If your objective is to make your visitors relax, to stay awhile, this softer color would be a good choice. 

The Everest and York Lines (Natural White)
Moving up the color temperature scale is similar to the sun moving up in the sky.  At 4100K, it resembles the 10am or 2pm sun, an energetic, motivational time of day.  This spectrum is the most "polychromatic", where all the receptors of the eye are engaged and colors are the most vivid.  It inspires happiness and energy.  Whether automobiles, apparel, or appliances, this is the range where your products look their best and where customers are the most energetic and motivated.  In retail, products blaze in color.  In an office environment, it promotes ultimate productivity.  In environments where precision is critical, it provides contrast and the optimum ability to distinguish subtleties in tone and texture.

The Tahoe Line (Day White) 
The top of the Cireon color range, at 5750K, is the brightest spectrum as perceived by the human eye.  Light in this range is perceived as being about 10% brighter than the same amount of light in the Everest range.  It is the color of the sun at high noon and an excellent choice where the highest quantity of light for the lowest possible cost is the ultimate goal.  It provides a sense of security.  It is an excellent color choice for parking structures, warehouses, and factory environments. 

For the environment you want to create, Cireon SSL can provide the right white light.