Proprietary Heat Sink Technology


Maintaining LED temperature is essential to SSL longevity, and conductivity and convection are the essentials of SSL thermal management.  With products featuring proprietary one-piece extruded aluminum bodies, copper clad circuit boards, thermally inductive substrates, and the best sub-components available, Cireon is unsurpassed in luminaire longevity.  Browse our section on Thermal Management or read our white paper Thermal Management in Solid State Lighting. for an in-depth look.

Cireons Proprietary Type V Free-Form Optic

Rather than the off-the-shelf products our competitors use, Cireons trademark uniformity is a result of a line of proprietary optics we developed specifically to match the unique signature of the Luxeon LEDs.  Our optics teams capabilities are utilized by the DoD and CIA in applications from missile tracking to satellite surveillance.  With from round, square, and rectangular distributions, we optimize solutions for any traditional layout.  Cireon-owned tooling systems reduce component cost and assembly time while providing unmatched uniformity at a competitive price. 

With products designed for manufacture, lot traceability and in-process controls, the statistical likeliness of our producing an out-of-spec product is extremely low. Every luminaire is run through an end-of-line test and, once performance is confirmed, the data is logged by the unique barcode serial number on each luminaire, and only then are the product and container labels printed. We retain your data indefinitely so, should you ever want to add to or replace luminaires, we can provide a product to match your color and output.