With multiple output levels, distributions, and color temperatures, the Alta and Summit lines greatly reduce energy usage and eliminate maintenance.

Even at the minimum 60,000 hour rating, that's 14 years of never having a bucket truck on your grounds. Combine that savings with an energy reduction of 50-80% and add that straight to your bottom line.

From simple photocells and occupancy sensors to individual wireless control (features not possible with traditional area lighting), Cireon can be your one-stop-shop to even greater savings.

In outdoor lighting, common designs either expose the heat sink from above or enclose it in a housing. When exposed from above, debris and especially bird droppings essentially insulate the heat sink.  Even worse, enclosures that are not adequately ventialted raise the ambient temperature until the heat backs up to the LED. Both designs lead to premature degradation, often unnoticeable over the early years, and failure.


The design of the Alta and Summit provides both debris/bird protection and ventilation to render robust thermal management and long life. 

Multiple power levels support the replacement of traditional products ranging from 150W to 1000W and can accommodate all standard mountings. Multilpe optic distributions support all traditional roadway layouts. We're happy to provide a study including payback and ROI as well as photometric layouts of your site.