With proprietary optics developed by Cireon, high bay lighting can deliver uniformity, long life with high output, and an end to bulb and ballast changes. 

Traditional high bay lighting use ballasts and, as they age, their power consumption increases as much as 40%.  For example, a 400W bulb and ballast system draws as much as 640W by the time the bulb burns out.  Cireon solid state lighting uses constant current power supplies that draw the same power throughout their life. 

Learn how SSL can deliver more light with less lumens in the document "Comparing HID, fluorescent, and SSL".

  • Increased light levels, Improved coverage and uniformity,
  • 25-35% of HID, 40-50% of fluorescent wattages
  • Instant On-Off and dimmable using occupancy and dalylight sensors 
  • No bulbs or ballasts to change and no more skylifts 
  • No Hazmat disposals or EPA compliance requirements
  • No filaments, shock and vibration resistant