The Solid in Solid State.

What separates solid state lighting manufacturers?

Thermal Management

Featuring copper clad boards, thermally inductive substrates, proprietary one-piece extrusions and LED arrays spaced on generous 25mm centers, Cireon provides 13.5in2 convective surface area per LED (by far the largest in the industry).  Sacrificing thermal management may reduce purchase price, but it isn’t a means to minimizing Total Cost of Ownership. 

Rather than the off-the-shelf products used by the masses, Cireon developed a line of proprietary optics specifically to suit the unique signature of the Luxeon LEDs used exclusively in our products.  The result is distribution and uniformity that is a Cireon trademark.

Cireon constantly evaluates components and component manufacturers.  We evaluate, build test products, and measure real world results (rather than relying on published data).  With the highest efficacies, lowest color shift, and wafer-bonding (over wire-bonding), the Philips Luxeon LEDs are the highest performing LEDs anywhere.  While that will surely raise some feathers, see Component Quality for the unbiased data to prove it.

Made in CA Manufacturers

Cireon is a leading designer and manufacturer of solid state lighting. California Manufacturing Technology Consulting® (CMTC) Member.


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Cireon matches the Philips Luxeon LEDs with the proven line of Philips Advance power supplies.  With 52 years in the making, Advance leads the industry in quality, utilizing top quality components and intelligent, robust designs. Although it might take a little bit of time to correctly clean your lighting systems every year, remember this: "Thoroughness in the maintenance cycle can pay for itself many times over". Cleaning is a part of every facility's maintenance routine. Cleaning lens and lamps hasn't always been as top of mind as it is now.

Revitalizing American Manufacturing... 

All Cireon products are built in the US and 100% of dedicated production systems have been sourced with US suppliers.